Over the last few days I’ve realized I’ve given quite a few people PTSD when using the phrase ‘I’m moving’. Perhaps this is the downside of relocating myself to London for two years, or perhaps this is because no one expects me to stay in one place too long but they hope I will.

Either way, I’m moving!

In September I decided I needed to move out of my cute apartment and back home with my mother, Bob, Mita and whatever dog is spending the week. So with their help I emptied the apartment and filled my childhood bedroom back up with my clothes. It’s been an adjustment, but as Bob once said: I guess you’re not the worst person to live with.

Right you are, Bob-o.

It wasn’t in my immediate plan to move again. As Phoebe Buffay once said: “I don’t even have a pla”. I figured I’d move home, save some money and figure out the next part of this adventurous life I live. Most days I don’t even know what I want for dinner, so the idea of relocating to a new place was far from my mind. But, as most will say, everything happens for a reason. What that reason is, I’m not sure, but I’m leaving the good ol’ state of Connecticut for some bright lights.

Boston, here I come!

It comes to absolutely no one’s surprise that out of any city on the east coast I’d choose Boston. For the next few months while I get accumulated in my new role as Account Manager at a small marketing firm in Cambridge I’ll be living with Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim. The poor Madigan gang never seem to have an empty house, or get rid of me. I’m under a deadline though, so hopefully I’ll be moved into my dream (ie: tiny) apartment by April. Have no idea where this apartment is or how this job is going to go or how adjusting to the city will be, but it’ll be exciting.

“I don’t even have a pla”

The say you’re supposed to do something that scares you every week. For some reason, this scares me. Well, maybe the word ‘scared’ isn’t correct. I’m anxious about whether or not this is the correct move for me. Wonder if it doesn’t go according to my idealistic (lol) plan? Wonder if I hate it?

At least I’ll have fun. At least, if it fails, I gave it my all. And if it succeeds? I’ll be happy. It’s a new adventure.

Sure I’m sad to be leaving my current job. It’s been a dream. I’m sad to be moving away from my family again. I’ve gotten used to the short drive between homes and seeing everyone for every event, but Boston isn’t that far. This doesn’t have to be for forever. And with all the these wedding events coming up (looking at you, Katie-B-Soon-To-Be-Z) I’ll be home enough to not miss being away.

So here’s to looking at the new year, the new decade, the new adventure. May it be all I hope for and more.

Listening to: Lover, Taylor Swift

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