When it rains, it pours.

I’ve always hated that cliche.

December has been a rainy month. Every week I battle the rain, either from the train station or the car park. When it rains it reminds me the sodden cobblestone walkways I once enjoyed getting lost on.

Since returning from Chicago I’ve toyed with planning my next grand adventure. I’ll be buried under work soon enough, which is something I’ve begun preparing for, but I’ve been daydreaming of a nonexistent vacation. This is brought on by my most recent adventure, coworkers jet-setting to exciting locations and the craving my body has for a city that has been unexplored by my soul. Traveling, as I often describe, makes me feel alive.

Some days I dream of warm beaches and the rainforests of Costa Rica. I’d wake up and sip strong (yet delicious) coffee, hike to waterfalls and maybe even swim with dolphins. Sometimes Costa Rica morphs into the Galapagos Islands, where I’d hike volcanos and learn how to salsa dance. If my mind isn’t wandering to a warm location, it drifts to the Nothern Lights and a Blue Lagoon. I hear Iceland, while sometimes pricey, has gorgeous glaciers and lagoons to die for. Sometimes I daydream of drinking a cider in a familiar pub where all the accents sound elegant. There’s something comforting about returning to a home where you slide into sleek black cabs after a long night or a speeding train to your next favorite destination.

All I know is while I prepare for the upcoming year, I know traveling will be on that list.

I don’t like reflecting on the past year, because I know how I’ve grown and learned. Life is a constant struggle of making mistakes and learning from them in hopes that you’ll make more educated decisions in the future. I’ve done plenty of that. Instead, I want to focus on what the new year with bring. In typical fashion, I even made a list because, as we all know, I’m nothing but prepared for the future.

Until something happens that isn’t planned. Then I lose my shit.

What my list entails:

  • Health for my friends & family
  • Wisdom
  • Kindness amongst one another
  • Inspiration
  • New Adventures
  • Trust
  • Laughter
  • Moments that make me feel
  • Prosperity for those I love that never give up
  • Courage to always try new things
  • Bravery to continue to speak my truths
  • Safety for any & all who need it
  • Love that doesn’t envy or crack under pressure
  • Peace

I used to believe that each new year was a ‘blank chapter’ if you will. Every January 1st it almost seemed like the world ‘reset’ itself. Suddenly we’re all inspired to trying working out more, eating healthy and accomplishing the goals we often let drift to the wayside during the year. It is almost like January 1st resets the mentality that anything can be accomplished.

More often then not by February, we are already back to our original mentality. We stop going to the gym as much, we’re going out to dinner more and we retreat back to our original nature. January 1st isn’t a ‘new year, new me’ – it is simply a continuation of who we continue to be. I don’t have personal goals, I more have goals to help continue my life on an upward angle. I want to continue moving forward. I want to continue growing. I want to continue being me.

So as it rains, and continues to pour, I hope that this upcoming year is better than the years before. As I always say: we are on a roller coaster that only goes up, and I have a feeling it’ll continue to go up. Sure there will be struggles and moments of wanting to give up, but I have a feeling life will only get better.

New year, same me – just living the dream.

Listening to: Last Night’s Mascara – Brynn Cartelli

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